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United Kingdom. Search for live events. Los Angeles, CA. Live Nation. FivePoint Amphitheatre.Written by Dr Michael Salla on April 16, Posted in FeaturedSpace Programs. Goode made important predictions about how the disclosure process is going to play out, how to prepare for an imminent solar flash aka micronova event that would be in the range of an X solar flare, and our entering an End Times era.

While many of the points Goode made have been stated before, there was new information that casts light on recent events, especially in his April 11 presentation. I will endeavor to cover the basic points Goode covered for those new to his SSP testimony, and offer a brief commentary on new information. Source: SBA. Wilcock also had a shamanic encounter with a group of Olmecs who had previously inhabited areas of South America, and mysteriously left, like the Mayans, centuries ago. She pointed out that the shamanic encounter happened the same day that Goode had his own experience with Micawho has described himself as a descendant of the Olmecs who returned to their homeworld to eventually liberate it from Draconian Reptilian control.

Previously, Goode has described other worlds controlled by Draconians, which go through a similar planetary liberation process where an individual plays a role similar to Enoch described in historic biblical textsin mediating between conflicting sides in a planetary wide conflict involving extraterrestrials aka Angels.

He pointed out that the blue spheres that he had initially interacted with and transported him to different off-planet locations, were not technologies but were actually higher density beings, that can morph into different shapes for any purpose. Goode being transported by a blue sphere.

Credit: SBA. Goode described the beginning of his SSP service to when he was identified at the age of 6 as having the requisite genetic traits, and was enrolled in a special needs children program at his elementary school. He was subsequently exposed to an extensive training routine for children marked for SSP service over the next decade.

At 16 years of age, during the Xmas school break, he was formally taken into the SSP service and had to sign draft papers even though it was illegal for minors to join a military service. Goode described how an electromagnetic bomb that would discharge a brief burst of deadly radiation, was placed in the ceiling of a room, and detonated when Sigmund and other meeting participants were killed without any structural damage to the LOC.

Goode went on to mention that some high-level Earth Alliance sources, comprising senior officials, whom he was working with, had been introduced to David Wilcock, Jordan Sather and myself. I can confirm that I have met a senior military intelligence official from a NATO country whom Goode introduced me to, and upon whom I conducted due diligence. I was able to confirm his rank as a general, but have been asked not to reveal more about his identity.

Goode pointed out that the people who handed him two Defense Intelligence Reference Documents were able to print off the documents directly from the Defense Intelligence Agency database.

This was a significant admission since it showed his contact still retains security clearances and access to highly classified government documents. The fact that Goode was the first to publicly release these documents is highly significant since it helps verify his status as a genuine insider who is being helped in his SSP disclosure efforts by DIA personnel.

This suggests that at some point in the future, QAnon will elaborate upon previous posts referring to secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. Goode described similarities between his contact experiences and those described by Enoch — the pre-Flood patriarch.

He pointed out that this kind of catastrophic event is something that happens at the end of every cycle. There are simply too many people who would ask questions about bases on Mars, extraterrestrial life, galactic slave trade, a Navy SSP, etc.

Goode asserted that even though he attempts to be as faithful to accuracy as possible when reporting about events and his contact experiences, his info is influenced by his personal perceptions and distortions. This echoes what the Law of One material says about the information transmitted by RA. He affirmed that Earth is a mixing point for a great variety of 3 rd density souls who travel here for multiple purposes and missions.

Incarnation on Earth is an accelerated opportunity for individual souls to ascend with the help of a planet, Earth, undergoing its own ascension process. A significant number of Maldekians fled to our Moon which was a satellite of Maldek up to its destruction which subsequently traveled here as a refugee ship. Goode pointed out, however, that the bulk of the Maldekian population died, and transferred to Earth through death and the reincarnation process.

Goode emphasized that Earth has historically been a refugee planet for the inhabitants of former civilizations on Maldek and Mars who had to escape planet-wide catastrophes. He also affirmed that Earth has been a refugee planet for different extraterrestrial races over its history. The Olmec and the Mayans are examples of extraterrestrial civilizations that escaped to Earth to escape destruction or tyranny on their homeworlds, and eventually returned.

Illustration of Mayan SSP representatives. He said that the Mayans spent thousands of years on Earth before returning to their home.Celeb Favorites. Why does it feel like every time we look in the mirror, a new wrinkle is beginning to form?

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Love Lives. Under wraps. Eva Mendes explained why she and her partner, Ryan Gosling, like to keep their relationship out of the public eye. Focused on family. Rachel McAdams is perfectly content spending her days with her loved ones, most especially her son. A big step. Kate Hudson loves her little ones! The actress became a mom in and has been gushing about her family ever since. In recovery mode. Tom Hanks is opening about his battle with coronavirus following his successful recovery from the respiratory illness.

The Forrest Gump actor, 63, revealed on Thursday, April 16, that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, had very different symptoms while fighting the disease in an Australian hospital. Shop With Us. This No. Please note: Information below is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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See tips and information from the CDC here. While just a month ago you might have done a double take seeing someone in the grocery store or walking down the street wearing a face mask, times have […]. Saying goodbye. Read more.

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These 60+ Rare Historical Photos Will Change How You See The Past.

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Fast Lane Access: Journey with Pretenders. Premier Parking: Journey with Pretenders. VIP Upgrade: Journey.Do you need financial assistance? Historical photos are like our window to the past—they are one of the tangible links we have with the events that made us who we are. They are also the reason why I fell in love with both Philippine and world history. After all, studying for your history exam would be a pain in the ass without pictures to break the monotony.

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Table of Contents 1. Technology… 3. Vintage photos can also show us the lighter side of people who are considered trailblazers and icons of history. They include Albert Einstein… 5.

photos & past events

Albert Einstein again … 6. Bruce Lee… 7.The year-old victim was blasted in the chest outside a BP gas station on Linden Blvd.

RECREATING OUR OLD PHOTOS!! (Hilarious!!) - Ranz and Niana

A straphanger spotted Tristan Todd, 30, sleeping soundly on a No. Saturday and called Man shot in head, critically wounded, fleeing Bronx clash in car. The year-old wounded motorist drove his white luxury Acura TLX for about two blocks before colliding with the row of parked cars on E. Brooklyn judge and former City Councilman Noach Dear dies from coronavirus complications. Dear, 66, had been sick with COVID for weeks and was on a ventilator and rumors swirled that the judge had died weeks ago though they were dispelled at the time.

NYC man, 21, dies in crash sparked by unlicensed driver: cops.

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Satesh Permaul was driving a Nissan Maxima east on th Ave. Saturday, police said. The next opportunity to take the test is Aug.

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Man fatally shot in Brooklyn gas station parking lot. Gina Torres, radiologic technologist at Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn, knows the amount of stress waiting inside as coronavirus patients pour in day after day.

Meng, in White House letter, calls for new national notification policy for nursing home coronavirus victims and increased funds for testing. Family members, many barred from access to elderly relatives under quarantine at care facilities, need more details than they are receiving during the pandemic.

Skip to content. By Wes Parnell. By Thomas Tracy. Coronavirus Brooklyn judge and former City Councilman Noach Dear dies from coronavirus complications. By Noah Goldberg. Coronavirus Brooklyn barbershop busted for hosting wild party, defying coronavirus rules. Cops responding to fight in East Harlem apartment find dead woman inside.

Manhattan arts high school gets creative with remote learning during coronavirus lockdown. By Michael Elsen-Rooney. Five kids, two iPads: how one Bronx family is navigating remote learning with a technology shortage. NYC Crime. Brooklyn barbershop busted for hosting wild party, defying coronavirus rules. By Larry McShane.

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Outraged staff, local residents say Brooklyn nursing home kept dead coronavirus patients in room cooled only by air conditioning. Ex-prisoner fears coronavirus rampant at Brooklyn federal lockup, says early release likely saved his life. Family of Brooklyn artist found dead in apartment fire believe he died before the blaze. Homeless man stabs woman on Queens subway platform. Queens man awaiting trial in friendly-fire death of NYPD detective denied release on coronavirus grounds.

NYC hospitals are allowing coronavirus-positive nurses to work: sources. Barnabas Hospital. More News.Film with live orchestra featuring members of the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas May Flay and Welshly Arms July 8. Williams Sept. Presented by Walmart.

photos & past events

Supported by Samsung and Walmart Oct. Proceeds from the concert benefited local charities. Play That Song Tour with O. R and Natasha Bedingfield May Godsmack with Halestorm and Monster Truck Oct.

Celebrating the Music Presented by Walmart. KISS Sept. Hank Williams Jr. Outlaw Music Festival Tour feat. An Evening with Mary J. Blige Presented by Walmart Jun. Bush with She Wants Revenge May 6. Boston Hyper Space Tour Apr. Styx with Honeyjack Sept. Kevin Hart presented by Live Nation Aug.

MercyMe with Jeremy Camp Jul. Chris Stapleton with Brandy Clark Jul. Weezer and Panic! Rachel Platten presented by Walmart Jun. Bite NW Arkansas Jun. Widespread Panic Jun. Dan Band with Barrett Baber Apr.

Hozier with Nate Ruess Sept. Whitesnake with The Dead Daisies Aug. Widespread Panic Jul.

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Colbie Caillat Jun. Chicago May 3. The Avett Brothers Sept. Foreigner Aug. Pepe Aguilar Aug. Steely Dan Jul. Miranda Lambert Platinum Tour Jul. Dierks Bentley Jun.